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Blossom Bright
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I have a contagious passion to spread authentic love + transformation wherever I go. I work with hungry hearts who have a thirst for self empowerment, self mastery, and self acceptance. Click here to learn more about who I am and the work I do. 

"Thank you for the session yesterday.  I love the feel of my new energy.  I feel very blessed to have met you.  You have taken my light work to a new stronger place.  THANK YOU!"
Pauline, MA

"I had the pleasure of first meeting Sam, now more than a year ago, upon receiving the gift of a reiki session from a dear friend, and I have been going ever since. Sam has an openness of heart and a joy of spirit that is not only profound, but preternaturally wise. She is the rare combination of a seasoned sage with an evergreen youthful curiosity of the Universe and how it works. She passes the essence of who she is through her hands and I am instantaneously connected to Spirit." 

- R. Price, Salem, MA

         Dear Kindred Soul, 


You know in your heart of hearts that you came to this planet with a deep purpose, to help all of creation along their journey. But when it comes to taking the next step it may be a challenge searching for the “how” or “where” in your service to others. 

There are many of us who came here with a soul mission to bring light and love to the dense energies of pain and suffering surrounding this planet. So many of us are waking up to this “knowing” right now. Many are beginning to hear the call louder than ever and it is getting increasingly difficult to ignore. 


You know that the vibrations on this planet are changing rather quickly now and that a new way of life has begun. Humanity needs you now more than ever. You know this. The trouble is, so many of us have forgotten the true nature of who we are. We have forgotten the depths and sovereignty of our truth, our power, and our abilities. We have worked through lifetimes for the knowledge and healing abilities residing within our cells, just waiting to be activated and brought to the surface, pulled through the dimensional gateways to manifest in our physical reality. 

There has never been a better time than now to harness and fine tune your gifts. 

You may be thinking to yourself, “Does this really apply to me? Do I truly play a part in all of this?”. This is my question to you, "Have you ever noticed the way children, animals, or suffering souls seek comfort and safety in your presence?" You may be thinking such an experience is no big deal, but heres the truth, you are powerful! You are needed! You CAN make a difference!

You, with your unique gifts and experiences, play an integral role in the ascension process of this planet. You are a beautiful piece of the puzzle.