Transformative Energy Healing (TEH) is a unique combination of traditional healing techniques with ancient, self-discovered abilities. This practice utilizes higher consciousness, meeting you exactly where you are in your journey, catalyzing personal growth, development, and healing. 

Each session may look different based on your intention set, remembering that each of us are unique, requiring a wide spectrum of support. Most sessions will consist of table time. Meaning, you will spend the majority of time receiving hands on energy healing on the table. Sessions may also include, 

  • Guided meditation tailored to you

  • Transmission or message from higher consciousness

  • Oracle card reading

  • Light activation

  • Integration time to ask questions and discuss your experience

The fusion of energy works to reveal and heal all that is standing in the way of accessing your truth and power.

(TEH) opens doorways for major life transformations and reinforces the powerful message that you worthy of being seen, accepted, and loved. 

These sessions are for you if you are ready to: 

  • Catalyze deep layers of healing that will continue to unfold and transform long after the session is over.

  • Pursue accelerated consciousness to further develop yourself spiritually and tap into your infinite creative potential

  • Activate the knowledge and power that is already within you to create the life you wish to lead.

  • Identify and release energetic misalignments in areas of your life where you feel stuck and unable to progress forward.

  • Begin living out your soul purpose and truth of who you really are.



rates: $105

Only offering sessions select days at A to Zen Wellness, Bridgewater, MA.

Sam is the real deal. I have felt amazing since my very first session, and she has been able to help me translate some healing techniques to daily life.  The experience is life-changing.
— H.P. , Duxbury, MA
Since the TEH session, I became more connected with myself as well as the energy around me. I slowly started to let go of a lot of heavy weight that had previously been holding me back whether from guilt or some resentment from the past.
— Meredith Climber, Ukiah, CA


Relax. Restore. Rejuvenate. 

Experience stress reduction and relaxation, promoting the body's innate ability to physically and emotionally heal itself with Reiki. 

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing technique that can enable the release of trauma, soothe chronic conditions and assist the healing of physical injury.

Sessions provide blissful sense of wellbeing, clarity, and rejuvenation.   

Rates: 60 minutes - $75
           Pet healing - $50

Friday & Select Saturdays at Duxbury Wellness Center in Duxbury, MA. 

I have no doubt we were brought together if for no other reason than for you to renew my hope and to remind me that all things are possible and that I have the ability to change resident inside of me. In our short time together you brought that to the surface and I am forever grateful. You are an angel in disguise and I love you for your kindness.
— M.M., MA
I saw Samantha last week for a session. She is amazing! I immediately called a friend and insisted she book a session as well!
— K.O.M, Duxbury, MA
I will never forget the experience I had on your table and I continue to feel the effects since. Meeting you was such a blessing and I can’t put into words the light I have felt ever since, I can only express the gratitude I have. Thank you for making me feel so comfortable in such a short amount of time. Thank you for dedicating your life to helping and healing.
— C.B., Rockland, MA