I am here to support your personal growth and self exploration on your journey towards lovingly embodying your truest self.

I work to remind the modern woman and girl how to connect to her physical, emotional, and energetic wisdom by guiding her to alley and remedy the mind and body relationship while working in connection to our cyclical nature.

Academic Training & Experience

BA in Health Studies from Bridgewater State University
Reiki II, Usui Lineage
Holy Fire Reiki II
AHL, Dr. Gene Ang, Ph.D
ThetaHealing Basic DNA Certification
9 years of Home Herbalism Rractice



About Doorway of Light


My work has a strong foundation in trust. I am passionate about co-creating a feeling of safety, comfort, and trust with individuals everywhere I go. I often find myself saying that my work is my life and my life is my work. There is full transparency here. I am the same woman at work as I am in my day-to-day life and that is because I believe whole-heartedly that when we are authentic and genuine in ourselves; our struggles, our victories, our joys, and our fears - that it is not only a courageous act but also one that serves as an open invitation for others to do the same.

Vulnerability is a sign of strength, not weakness in my book.

I am honored when individuals invite me into their space. I see each individual as an onion, accumulating layers of self identification and when we work together, the layers begin to peel back, revealing our truest selves in order to be witnessed and healed. That is powerful stuff. We live in a culture that does not always allow the opportunity to look within at ourselves, never mind allow others to truly see us. My work is to provide a platform, an invitation, to witness beyond the fog, beyond the fear, and beyond the layers. My goal as a practitioner and as a human being is to be constantly mindful in creating a safe and loving container to be seen, accepted, and loved - fully, as we are. 

My story 

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I consider myself very lucky to have grown up in an environment that deeply nourished the roots of my being. Spending time writing poetry, collecting stones, and exploring in my grandparents flower and vegetable gardens were some of my favorite pass times as a child. 

My family considered me very sensitive growing up experiencing clairsentience and clairvoyance. I naturally developed strategies at a young age to understand my energy and all that was perceiving around me. I had a supportive upbringing that allowed space and opportunity to explore my out-of-the-norm passions but I always felt like a part of life was missing. I can remember often feeling as though something BIG was happening in my lifetime, that there was more to the story but I was unable to put words to it.

It wasn't until I fast forwarded to my freshman year of college at UMASS Amherst that I had my "aha" moment which came during a class called, The Herbal Approach to Women's Health. I learned more in that one class than I can account for in any of my traditional education. I was floored at the information that I felt with conviction had been withheld from me, why wasn't I taught this stuff anywhere else? Does everyone know this? It was that very same night that I began my own home herbalism practice. I became increasingly passionate about sharing this wisdom with all who would listen and it didn't take long for this passion to expand its boarders encompassing different avenues of holistic health.

I spent a good portion of my early twenties traveling the country determined to absorb as much as I possibly could of the mysticism, wisdom, and ancient cultural practices that I felt had been missing from my childhood. It was on my journey that I was exposed to the wise woman tradition, delving into sacred self-care practices, and learning profound tools to discern and harness my own intuitive, energetic gifts. I learned how to listen without an agenda and I experienced just how powerful it is to be seen and to be loved. 


I have dedicated myself to researching, practicing, and sharing holistic wellness tools that have disappeared from our culture. I created Doorway of Light because I know these tools and insights are vital for the development of self mastery. 

I fully believe in a vibrant future for humanity and I believe it starts with opening our hearts and our minds. May our circles continue to grow wider! 


Working with hungry hearts with a thirst for developing self empowerment, self mastery, and self acceptance.

Create your own compass