My daughter is in the Blossom Bright 2 program and completed the Blossom Bright 1 and this has been the ms signifiant investment that I have done for my daughter for her self esteem, self-care and love as well as empowering her to share her authentic self!
— Mother of Blossom Bright 1 & 2

Blossom Bright Accelerated

Blossom Bright Accelerated is a 10 week program for teenage girls (13-17 ) that will meet once a week after school for 1 hour. I will be introducing similar topics covered in Blossom Brights 6 month Mentorship Program in a playful, introductory flow.

Blossom Bright Accelerated will be offered in the Fall and Spring. We are set to begin at the start of the school year with the intention of creating an additional safe space for the girls to build healthy friendships, navigate stress and emotions, and develop a holistic skill set to support them through the school year.

When: Wednesday, September 11th - Wednesday, November 13th
Time: 4:30-5:30PM
Where: lululemon Hingham, MA
Tea & light, after school snacks will be provided.

What is the difference between Blossom Bright Accelerated + Blossom Bright 6 Month Mentorship Program?

Blossom Bright 6 Month Mentorship

  • 6 month commitment, 10-4PM, one full weekend a month

  • held at Soule Homestead, Middleborrough, MA

  • lunches included

  • scheduled guest facilitators, field trips, and sleep over

Blossom Bright Accelerated

  • 10 week commitment, 1 hour after school, once a week

  • held at lululemon, Hingham

  • scheduled social event, bring a friend (yoga + movement pieces incorporated)

  • after school tea and light snack

What is similar about Blossom Bright Accelerated + Blossom Bright 6 month mentorship program?

  • Introductory activities and conversations on similar nourishing and transformational topics such as stress + emotional management tools, holistic self care, positive body image and self esteem, boundaries and healthy relationships.

  • a safe, uplifting environment for the girls to explore, grow, and develop healthy life long friendships outside of their direct environment.

  • forming a wider community of positive female role models through scheduled socials, events, and workshops.

Blossom Bright Accelerated may be a great option for your family if you are,

  • looking for a consistent space for your child to continue expanding and exploring the tools taught in Blossom Bright Mentorship.

  • interested in experiencing Blossom Bright before signing up for the 6 month mentorship program to ensure this is a good fit for you child.

  • maybe unable to make a 6 month commitment or dedicate full weekends at this time.

If this is something you would like to sign your child up for, please click the “register now” button below to reserve your child’s spot. Registrations for September are now open.
There are limited spaces available.