As Above, So Below

As above, so below.
We must turn within before without,
it is there our hearts bestow -
all the answers that we already know.

Which is love, which is light, which is energy, which is information.
The vital key to this infinite transformation.

But instead we cling to proclamation and scream declaration
of who we claim ourselves to be. 
All in the name of procrastination.

Feeding the ego and blinding the eye that allows us to see with clarity...
That I am you
and you are me

So let the belief systems come undone.
Because this revolution of the mind, the body, and the soul has already begun.
Take a moment and gaze upon our Great Central Sun.
It is there you will find the Light,
which is energy, which is information,
which is love.
Then we will know
As above, So below.

The Cosmic Walk Home

I breath sweet honey with hints of fresh lavender and cinnamon.
I echo big-belly-laughter over mountain tops and sing ancestral chants around a fire of brothers and sisters. 
I dance ravenously in the whispers of the wind and make sweet, sensuous love to the Full Moon on a bright and shining day. 
I bang tirelessly on my drum to the thrashing of the thunder and weep lifetimes of united truths to the stars above. 
My Grandmother's Mothers stories roll off my tongue in honour and in tradition to be passed down generation to generation in billows of sage smudge. 
I will push my body to its most outer limits - expanding and contracting as new life emerges in pools of Moon blood. 
I will lull tender hearts to sleep and honour each of their rotations with deep ceremony. 
I will share eskimo kisses and lock dirt-stained fingertips with my Daughters Daughters
as we sink our hands deep into the Earth creating sacred life as we know it.
I will cherish each aging cell in this vessel and recognize each waning phase of the Moon.
I will walk each step steadfastly as I circle back to the womb and my scent will linger long after my bones have settled back into The Mother.
My children will remember my stories when they look to the stars -
For that is where I came and that is where I will return. 

Pacific Coast Highway, California

Pacific Coast Highway, California

Like Wombman, Like Water.

Picture taken at: Hookipa Beach, Maui

Like wombman, like water.
The likeness of a wombman misunderstood.
The divine feminine, much like the divine oceans. 

Like wombman, like water - 
Our tides, ebbing and flowing in cyclical phases aligned with the moon. 
Unparalleled beauty to uphold in our raw unpredictability. 
We howl with our sistars of varrying sizes, shades, and temperatures
as the wind carries our unified chant made of the same salty tears. 

Like wombman, like water -
Some days our waters are calm, gentle, and soothing. 
While on others our swells could knock even the bravest off their feet.
We bring forth unfathomable strength in hurricanes, tsunamis, and microbursts alike.
Though always with the underlying current to heal. 

Like wombman, like water - 
We house mysterious creatures and ancient cities that you won't recall in any history book.
Our vessels have stood the test of time as portals to what came before
and if you stare into our horizons, one may catch a glimpse into unknown worlds.
We are the reflection of the magic and healing in nature.

Like wombman, like water -
We are forgiving.
Despite the abuse and disregard as we have been raped for all we have,
Our strength and devotion is resilient. 

Like wombman, like water -
We bear lifetimes of reflected and projected internal fear, 
yet still our cycles never stop, 
Our waves keep on crashing. 

Like wombman, like water we are admired for our diverse beauty.
Like wombman, like water we are feared for our power.