What are people saying about Blossom Bright?

Blossom Bright Session 1, 2018

Blossom Bright Session 1, 2018

What the girls are saying…

  • “I can’t think of a time during this session that I wanted to leave. Ive loved having an outlet and Im excited to carry this program on to session 2”
    - Session 1 student, 13

  • “Blossom Bright changed my life for the better. Thank you Mom for making me go that first time and thank you Sam for being yourself.”
    - Session 1 student, 14

  • “Its amazing all around. Sam really has helped me so much. Blossom Bright will always be a family to me.”

    - Session 1 student, 16

  • “I had so much fun and loved every time we met up. I think all girls should have something like this.”

    - Session 1 student, 14

What the families are saying…

  • “My daughter is very excited for Session 2 and has loved her experience and getting to know you. It's nice she has such a great support group around her - she truly feels like she fits in there.”
    - Mother of Session 1

  • “Thank you Sam so much for Blossom Bright and for being such an incredible role model for our daughter, she absolutely adores you . You have really opened up her eyes to everything that is possible when you believe”
    - Mother of Session 1

  • “It is amazing!! My daughter absolutely loves her time with Sam and the other girls. Sam is a huge blessing to us.” 

    - Mother of Session 1

  • “You are magic. She just loves it! She went from tears to instant inclusion. I honestly don’t know how you did that! I am SO happy she is in this place to receive all the goodness this group has to offer.”
    - Mother of Session 2

Does this sound like something you would like to see for your daughter, granddaughter, neice, neighbor, or friend?

If so, I invite you, from my heart to your heart, to reach out - let’s connect.

It is my mission to awaken as many girls as I can to the truth of their power, their body, and their innate wisdom, so that they may stand as a reminder and influence to girls EVERYWHERE - spreading the message that it is safe to be seen, accepted, and loved as they are.